Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crafty Links

Every once in a while (well, maybe a bit more than that, I admit..............) I get totally carried away on the internet and before I know I have 20 different pages open with all stuff I'd like to do, make or participate in. Useless to say that I don't even have time to do any of these.
Since I got invited to Pinterest I became an avid Pinner and have my links and projects more organized than I ever did. But: When I don't start making stuff those lists will only get longer and longer. Maybe I should go for a different approach?
While browsing I came across some great projects and tips I wanted to share with you!

I have more shoes and boots than I will ever be able to wear out in my entire life so this post was very interesting to me. Make your own custom clips for your shoes so one pair can be 20 different ones. I must admit I am not too fond of animal prints but you'll get the point. Maybe this is a great excuse for buying those little black shoes I saw. The clips would be perfect for those! You can find the complete tutorial her at Thanks I made it

With Canadian Thanksgining last weekend and Halloween and American Thanksgiving coming up I always get tempted to buy cookie cutters. I have many but you can never have enough cookie cutters (please tell me I am right!) Each year I want ot bake cookies for all the teachers, friends and family but never have the time. Cookie cutters are not a normal thing here to have or to buy. So when I really need a particular shape I have to accept the fact that I won't be able to get it. Way back I looked at tutorials on how to make your own but that was way too complicated for me. I needed  way to many supplies and tools and I could just see myself not being patient enough for making them properly and then end up with all those supplies and NO cookie cutters! I came acroos this blog and this AWESOME tutorial at Happy Find: Make you own cookie cutters with supplies most of us will have in their homes anyways. Thisi s one of those things where people will say: Why did I not think about this before? Wel, simply because we did not! I will be doing this tutorial for sure and I'll post mine here, I promise!

I love all kinds of crafts but my favorite passtime is and will always be scrapbooking. There's tons and tons of inspiration to find on the internet so I am not going to put any of those links up here but I do want to share this one: The Art of Photo-less Scrapbooking by Paula Gilarde at Debbie Hodge. Sometimes you do have a memory you want to scrap but no photo's. This article is filled with great tips!

And with Halloween close by I wanted to share this awesome project I found on Aly Dosdale's blog. It is such an easy thing to make and it would even be fun doing it with the kids. I love the classy look it has and I can imaginem aking these in different colors for different seasons. You can find the detailed instructions HERE.

And while I was waisting time again on my favorite time waister Pinterest (But oooooh, I LOVE pinterest!!!!!) looking for tattoo ideas I came across this great idea for DIY male jewelry. Not like my DH is going to wear it but maybe DS wil....... These bracelets for men, or even for yourself, they look pretty cool, are made out of zippers! Such an awesome idea and they seem pretty easy to make. Well, maybe except for the candle part, I might be burning down the house. Mmmmmh, maybe someone is willing to make them for me???? You can find photo's and a great tutorial HERE on Thanks I made it! And while you are there anyway you might want to take a look at all the DIY jewelry, such great things.

Thanks again for popping by and I hope to 'see' you again!