Sunday, May 15, 2011


I think it was last month when I read about Pinterest at ScrapScene's Speedlinks. At first I had no clue what it really was or how usefull it could be. But now that I know: I am completely HOOKED! What a great thing that is! And how easy to use and to navigate through. Why didn;t someone think of this before?
So now you know how I like it, I might as well explain what it is and how it works. Pinterest is comparible to your favorites folder that you use with your internet browser. I tried to keep that folder organized so I added sub-folders for every subject. But over the years I noticed that it was still not easy. Lots of files expired, some of the links should have been in two or more folders but most of all: I could not remmeber what the link was for unless I clicked on it and visited the site I linked to.
You create all different folders (Boards) which you can load up with images, links and little notes (all together called Pins) so you know what you added and what it was all about. Another great feature is that it is connected to Facebook. So it automatically finds your Facebook friends and you can see what kind of boards they have and what they pinned. You can also decide to follow a friend, follow a board or even if you see one interesting pin of someone you can also Re-pin it. And you can not believe how easy it is: You just add the Pinterest link to your favorites toolbar and when you see something you want to Pin, you simply click on that link, it will give you the option on what image you want to show and add your note, choose a board and it is Pinned!
There's only 2 buts: You can not Pin anything that does not have an image on the page. The second is: You can not just join Pinterest, you have to get invited. but thne again: You can also request an invite.
Oh, and maybe there is a third but: You'll be Pinning the whole day! Like Pinterest says: Happy Pinning!

A little update on the NSD activities at Let's Scrap: You still have two weeks to finish all the challenges. If you are planning to still get in the draw for the sketch (NSD2011#11) I'll have to dissapoint you, the deadline is over! Ofcourse you can still make it and upload it but it won't be in for the drawing anymore. But the good thing is: Tomorrow there will be a reveal of a second ketch for NSD! And ofcourse there's still the regular sketches and even two DT challenges. So enough to scrap!

Have a great and scrappy week!

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