Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rainbow Colored Cake


My little boy is getting BIG! Last Thursday he turned 11. I can still remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday. He has been a total joy ever since the day he was born and I can not believe how sweet and nice this little man is.
In our little family we have this cute birthday tradition: You eat your birthday cake in bed!!!!! So this year I made DS Joram an angel cake covered with white chocolate (he loves white chocolate). There's one con about this cool tradition we have: You never have a complete birthday cake when your party starts!
He had his party on Friday and I decided to make al ast minute cake at 2pm. Well, let me tell you: You can better think of it a bit earlier than 2pm. I was stressing. Always aiming at high goals I wanted to make something special with little than less supplies. The party started at 6 so there was no time for complicated icing or decorations.
All of a sudden I had this great idea: I was going to make a rainbow cake! This is how I did that. It might not be original but hey, it was made by me!

I just took a recipe of a plain cake and doubled it. Just use your favorite recipe and start making it the way you always do. The only thing extra that you will need is food coloring in various colors.
When your batter is all done divide it into little portions. The more the better I found out. If you have more, the pattern in the cake will be better to see in a slice. Put the portions into glass bowls since you will be working with food coloring and you don't want to eat your apple out of a purple colored plastic container.
Mix every batch of batter with food coloring. I experienced that blue and purple kind of look strange. Though the blue I had was dark blue, turquoise would probably work better.
I used a round cake pan and scooped golf ball sized 'splashes' of batter in the cake pan, just playing around with the colors. And after that just bake it the way you bake your cake.
I covered the cake with icing so the surprise effect was going to be bigger when I cut the cake.

DS Joram had no idea what the cake would look like inside and neither did his party guests. You can imagine how ecstatic they were when I cut and served it.

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  1. Oh wow what a yummy cake and I just love those vibrant colours on the inside. Also loving the tradition of eating cake in bed for your b'day.