Friday, April 12, 2013

Taking pics at Strijp S

Told you all before that I am happy as a kid in a candy store with my new camera. Still have learn so much but enjoying every second and click so far.
I was able to take an introduction class portrait photography and learn quite a bit but again; I should really focus on getting to know my camera better.

Just want to share a few of my favorite pics from last week. Taken at Strijp S, the old factory compound from Philips. Thousands and thousands of people used to work here. It was built moistly in the 1920-1930's and for a long time it was the area where the worlds biggest radio factory was. After WWII TV's were also made there. It was called 'the forbidden city'. Even though it had thousands of people coming there every day, it was unaccessible for 'normal' people.
Until 2004-2005 there were still buildings being used by Philips.
Lotso of buildings were teared down but also many got restored with keeping many of the original design  Very very industrial. Right now there's a lot to do and there's even apartments there, loft for rent.
This week I was able to go there and take some pics. To bad it was a bit hazy and very cloudy.

If you want to see more Strijp S: (Dutch, but very informative)


  1. Anonymous20:38

    Impressive photographs! I have always loved these shots of shapes, and the colorful door shot fascinates.

  2. Are the Pictures Connected with each other with some or the other way
    Its Good Photography