Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brads & Eyelets op ruimen / Brad & Eyelet storage

I always hated the compartment containers to store brads and eyelets in. Instead of opening one compartment you have to open the whole box. And if you then need that one specific eyelet you have to poke with your fingers through the eyelets and brads and the end result is that you're always having the wrong eyelet or brad in your hand. A couple of years ago I bought one of those medication containers to store my eyelets and brads in. This one has seven sort of drawers which all have four different compartments that open individually. So I can actually turn the whole drawer upside down to grab the one eyelet or brad you need. A couple of weeks ago I bought a second one so now I have one for eyelets and one for brads. That explains the two different blues. These ones are made by Rotho, but I know lots of other companies make these too.

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