Monday, November 29, 2010

Home made Christmas card with punches

I posted this card way back but wanted to post it again because I still like it and with time of Christmas wishes ahead I thought some of you might need an idea. This was such an easy card to make and the final result is really cute.

The pics that I am posting are a bit out of focus but since the card was sent to someone I have no possibility to take different pics. So, you will have to do it with what you get, ha!

Let me try and explain how I made this card: I started with a square pice of cardstock as a mat for my angel. I used my border scissors (can you imagine not having border punches?????) to cut the edges of the square. Then I punched two hearts, a little star and a circle with my Quickutz. But you can easily use normal punches or your Silhouette or Cricut. Whatever you have. In ancient times I probably would have cut them by hand............. The two smallest circles come out of a regular office hole puncher. 
You put the hearts behind the biggest circle with the point underneath the circle. When you look at the pic you will know what I mean. 
I used the two little circles for cheeks but you can also use a marker or chalk for that. I made the eyes and mouth with a black marker. The words are rub-ons from Making Memories but can also be replaced by stamps or even a printed text from your computer. 
I attached the angel with  foam dots so she would pop up a little. To top it of you can use some glitter spray or glimmer mist to make her sparkle!

Some family updates: DS Joram (now in 4th grade) had to do his book report today. He was sooooo nervous he even woke up last night crying . As most of you know Joram has a severe dyslexia so anything reading or spelling is one big disaster. Because of his dyslexia he did not have to read out loud in front of his class (which goes with the book report) but he could video tape it and play it in his class. He decided to read himself in front of his class. I was so proud of him when he decided that (well, at 3 am he wasn't to sure about that anymore, but you can imagine I was not going to video tape at that point......) And because he practised the part he was going to read over and over he knew it by head and 'reading' should not be a problem at all.
And the final result was: He got a B! I was soo proud of him! He said he was really nervous when he did it and even his book was shaking in his hands when he was reading. But no matter what: He said he had fun and he wanted to do one again.

And when I put him to bed tonight he said this: Mommy, I think they made a mistake when they said I am dyslexic, I had no problems today with reading.................... I did not argue with him and he fell asleep with a smile on his face..............................


  1. CUTE card! I love how you made the little angel with the punches!! I also loved reading the story about your son - what a big day for him and a huge accomplishment! :)

  2. aww Joram is so lucky to have you as his Mommy..good attitude he will not be kept back by a label..