Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have been featured at TipJunkie

I was looking around on the internet to find something I did find before and never bookmarked and now I can't find it anymore. Which makes me soooo mad!
But something bad can turn out in to something good whenever you expect it the least. I was looking for how to make socks into mittens. So I googled that and it came up with tons of ideas, instructions and tutorials but just not the one I was looking for. But I found something else: I was featured at Tip Junkie. Remember the post about the little tag softie I made for DD Jinte (You can find my original post HERE)? Well, appearantly is was cute enough for others to see. And talk about others: Tip Junkie has almost 6000 fans on Facebook. I don't even want to know what the amount of followers and subscribers are.............
You can read the entire post HERE

For all of you: Have a good weekend! And for those who celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend: Be happy and grateful for all that you have...........


  1. Wat gaaf dat je werkje op zo'n grote site wordt gebruikt.. Toch maar iets voor je zelf beginnen met allemaal van deze leuke dingen

  2. That's an absolutely fabulous tutorial! Thanks for creating it and letting me feature you. ;)