Thursday, September 04, 2014

Silhouette Stamp Cutting

One thing I have been wanting to do is using my Silhouette Stamp Kit that has been lying in my studio for almost a year. It seems like it it just as easy as cutting paper but somehow it really scared the cr** out of me. 
There's a stamp set I really want but really like only one of the two stamps that is in the set. And you have got to believe me when I say the set is awfully expensive. This morning a gright and intelligent idea came to me: Why not cut it myself with the Silhouette Stamping kit? The design is not very intricate, fairly simple even, so it would be a great try. 

So opening the box (it comes with great extra's like 3 very sturdy acrylic blocks with grits, ink and a instruction CD with extra shapes) and finally got going.

Following the instructions booklet it al seems very easy. Adjusting the settings is always easy in my Silhouette (did I already tell you how much I love my Silhouette?) 
The hardest thing is always lining up your mat. did you know there's a special mark on your Silhouette where your mat needs to be before you start cutting? 
On my Silhouette SD it is the little extra mark between the bigger grey marks. If you line your mat up with that mark you are all set! 

When I finally started cutting I got a bit nervous, would it be this easy? Well, I had a reason for not trusting the whole thing: It did not work. No idea what happened but the cutting did not go well. 
The first thing that scared me was the movement op the cutting material while the Silhouette was cutting. It moves while your Silhouette is cutting. So I Googled and got happy again: That was perfectly normal. One less thing to worry about.   
When the cutting was done (it takes longer than a paper cut) I was so dissapointed with the result. It did get cut but not completely and the original design was nowhere to be seen. 
Again, not sure what happened and looking on the internet did not helkp me there. So I guess I will have to try again. Another day............

This whole ordeal reminds me of the fact that I promised to write a tutorial on how to use your own handwriting as a cutting file. I will do that soon, very soon! 

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