Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Sunday Links

I don't think the rain will stop today. When I came out of bed this mornong it was raining cats and dogs and now it is still not dry. DH Richard went ot the movies with DS Joram, they are going to see The Smurfs and DD Jinte is taking a nap. Instead of doing something useful I have been on Let's Scrap, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other time wasting web sites. I can;t help help, I go from one site to the other and before I even know I have 25 tabs open with all interesting stuff.
I am just going ot share some of my finds on my Lazy Sunday:

Thanks for stopping by and have a great and lazy Sunday before another busy week starts!

via ffffound
Via Likecool

via Etsy


  1. Sounds like you have had a great Sunday afternoon! Love the picture with scissors, tape and eraser, I think I'll use that at school with my pupils. Thanks for sharing :)

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