Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free printables

I have to admit; I am a sucker for free printables. And when you browse around the internet you will find tons and tons. But since I am browsing way too much anyway I thought I might as well link some cool ones up for you. So your visit here is not completely useless, LOL.
Though I did finish a LO today so I am up to date on the LOAD challenge at Let's Scrap. Which is by the way hosted by one of our fabulous DT members, Cathy. Cathy, thanks so much for doing this, you are one of the reasons why Let's Scrap rocks!

Now let's get back to the printables. Like I said, there are so many free ones out there. I used to store most of them on my computer or bookmarked the sites. Now I have many many of them pinned on my Pinterest board. Gotta love Pinterest!

There's some very cute free printables at Love vs Design, if you are a graphics lover you will definitely like these.

You will find lots of free printable journaling tags/blocks at Creativity Prompt. Every time I print one of these I always wonder why I still buy journaling blocks

Another great set of tags/blocks I found at the Scrap Pit, these come both in red and black and can be used for so many different things. 

I absolutely love ledger papers of all sorts. I love to scrap with them and you can count on me having every sort of ledger scrapping paper available. Just can not resist those. 
MelStampz has a great one, just love the blue.

Shareese-Pieces (love that name) is having a great one for all of you who have a girl. And if you do not have a girl you might want to use it for yourself. We HAVE to scrap ourselves too, you know. 

And for all of you who can not resist button cards, here's such a cute one to use on a baby welcome card. I still need to make one for a baby that is about to be born, so I might use this one. 

And for the more lazy types among us, there's always the round ups. They are great if you do not want to spend the entire night on your computer. You might as well take advantage of other people's crazy habits; looking for free printables. A great site for a printable round up is Ishare printables

I have done enough for today, I am signing off and will hopefully be scrapping some more. Need to stay on my toes with the LOAD. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. leuke links bedankt ! Ik heb er op pinterest ook al heel veel bewaard.