Monday, January 20, 2014

DT challenge: Picture inspired

The current challenge at Let's Scrap is hosted by our DT member Michelle. Michelle has such a creative style of scrapbooking (which I always call 'artsy fartsy') and her work sure made me think outside my box. 
Her challenge for Let's Scrap was this one: 

Challenge - Picture Inspired Layout

This is a scanned photo from my own collection taken in 2001, from The Small Cloister in Westminster Abbey

1. For this challenge only layout allowed, please use only Let's Scrap sketch

2. You must use at least 3 colors or 3 elements that you see from the photo to your layout : the vines, architectural arch, fountain, gates, water, shaped bushes, creepers, overgrown weeds (?!) etc

3. Please write a short note how the photo inspires you when you upload into the gallery.

As for my LO for this challenge: I took inspiration from the green (so NOT my color to scrap with) The vintage/old look from the photo (my photo and also Michelle's) and the water, which I tried to capture with the white ink drops and a dash of blue here and there. 

Here's my LO: 

Again I used my own handwriting made into a cutting file for my Silhouette. I really LOVE that feature! One day I will write you all a tutorial on that. It is really really easy! Did I already mention that I love that feature? 
Anyways: You still have time to participate. This challenge closes at 23.59 Let's Scrap time (the time on the main page)
I really loved participating in this one! 

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