Sunday, January 19, 2014

In the mood, mojo has returned

This month Cathy, my fellow administrator at Let's Scrap is hosting a LOAD again. For those who have no clue what a LOAD is: Simple, it stands for LayOut A Day. So basically your goal is to make as many LO's as days of that particular month. Though I NEVER (really, NEVER) make the entire 30 or 31 I always get pushed into scrapping and am much more productive than I normally would have been. The same goes for this months LOAd, I am already at 13 and normally I probably would have made only one or two.
Though there is one thing I really hate about the LOAD: It always makes me realize how I would love to be albe ot go to crops or scrap with others.
But hey, enough said, let me show you what I made so far: Most single page, single photo LO's. No cards yet. All made with Let's Scrap sketches. Enjoy!

mostly cardstock

All Teresa Collins and the actual photo prop was used

Again  Teresa Collins

Echo Park Photo Freedom and an actual gift tag (the deer)

cardstock only but with a cutting file made from my own handriting

All Studio Calico (Jubilee)

My Minds Eye and again a cutting file from my own handwriting

Studio Calico, ink and washi tape

Studio Calico

Mix of everything

All Studio Calico


  1. These are AWESOME Debby! So glad the LOAD is giving you some inspiration. Glad your MOJO has returned. I too miss going to scrap retreats with others. Now that Maddie is here, my Mommy scrap retreats are too few and far between. :(
    I have been seeing a lot about online crops. I'm thinking of trying one. Here's to 31 pages in Jan!

    1. So cool to see you here Jessica! Did you see Let's Scrap started a blog instead of the site? Here's the addy:
      It might give you some inspiration ;)